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What is a Milkman? They are your early morning call, a reasuring face for the elderly, your neighbourhood watch and a constant in an ever changing world.

Alan Scott, Roundsman

Alan came to Mortons over eight years ago from a career as a baker in Holland, when he moved back to Liverpool to care for his mum.

Alan serves customers around our processing plant and depot on Kenyons lane Maghull, covering some 18 miles in and around Lydiate and Maghull.

In his spare time, Alan often heads out on foot to walk his three rescue dogs, Poppy, Jasmin and Dexter, or to help at the Carla Lane Animal Rescue Centre in Melling, or simply to go for a hike.

Not long ago, he and close friend Mike spent two weeks in the north of Vietnam, taking in an epic 800km tour of the region.

It's the third time in three years the pair have visited the country, and their once-guide is now a good friend, meeting them from their flight to Hanoi so the three can hit the trail together on Honda 250 trailbikes, and explore a different part of Vietnam each year.

Alan and Mike have seen some 2,800km of roads in the north of the country over the three years, and even take up the offer of staying in local homes on some of the nights of their trips, capitalising on the customs and hospitality of the Vietnamese people.

"It's a beautiful country, unspoilt, and the kindness of the people there is overwhelming," said Alan. "We are always offered to share their food with them and always made very welcome to stay for as long as we wish. You enter as a stranger, and leave with a friend for life."

At Mortons, we hope that we are as welcoming to our staff and customers - it has been a pleasure getting to know Alan over the years, and his experiences are an inspiration to all of us to work on delivering the highest possible standards of hospitality.

Delivering quality to the North West