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Hi all,

We did it!

Five weeks of training led us to Manchester on a cold morning with icy winds.  There was no turning back now, this was it, time to embrace the atmosphere and remember why we chose to do this.  Yes, the reasons:  To help those unfortunate to be diagnosed with this horrible disease and to remember the people who have been taken from us.

We arrived at the start area in good time.  A few nerves and a little anxiety but who hasn’t suffered this in their lifetime.  The run commenced and we were in the third wave of starters.  The only way to look was forward!  A slow incline to begin always gets the blood rushing and we quickly settled into the pace. Maybe a bit quicker than training but it was comfortable.  We reached the first mile in just over 11 minutes so the adrenaline was definitely pumping around our bodies.  It must have been the high 5’s from the Huskie dogs that drove us on!  We clocked the next mile where the route was quite narrow for the amount of runners.  It was all going to plan.  We were controlled and composed in what was a great challenge.  A lap of the running track was next before passing the samba band, hitting their drums, to a welcoming downhill section. We headed for the last loop (of lap 1), where the wind nearly split us two!  It was piercing, but we were focused on beginning lap 2 and what we wanted to achieve. A brief drink of water moistened the lips, however the biting wind quickly dried them! We were maintaining our pace and the time predicted was quicker than training runs. After a lovely controlled 4.5 miles running together, we mutually agreed to finish the run separately. This was probably the most difficult time of the run. The end was soon in sight and after a sprint finish Ged finished in 71 mins 25 seconds with Lewis finishing 73 mins 58 seconds.

We wish to thank every single of you who donated to this worthy cause. 

For those still wish to donate please do so by completing the sponsor forms at depots or alternatively visit our Just Giving page:  

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